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    William Cohen

    Jew Score:



    August 28, 1940 —

    As our readers know, we're not exactly kind to those who leave Judaism to another religion. We ridicule them at length, drive down their Jew Score (obviously), and point out their stupidity.

    But in this case, we're gonna make an exception.

    William Cohen, former senator from Maine and Bill Clinton's Secretary of Defense. Half Jewish by birth. Converted to Christianity. Let the onslaught begin?

    Not so fast. Let's examine Cohen's reasons for conversion. When he was studying for his bar mitzvah, he was told that... ummm... well, how should we put it... snip it or quit it.

    You see, William's mother was not Jewish. And apparently he wasn't circumcised at birth. So when he was told that would need to be rectified for him to get bar mitzvahed, he chose not to do it, quit Judaism all together and became a Christian.

    Now... We like Jews. (Duh.) But we really, really hate when Jews try to exclude one of their own. So Cohen didn't have a Jewish mother. So he wasn't circumcised. So what? He was raised Jewish, he planned on becoming a Jewish man, and some zealot with an itchy scalpel finger put an end to all of that.

    So who is the stupid one in this case?

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    August 26, 2010

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