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    The Ferengi

    Jew Score:




    Space. The final frontier. Also a really neato way to get across some topically relevant geopolitical metaphors. Y'know, if you're into that sorta thing. Which, if you've seen those old 60s Star Treks, clearly Gene Roddenberry was.

    It was pretty easy to figure out back then. The barbaric Klingons were the Russians. The mysterious Romulans were the Chinese. And... that's... about... it. Hey, it was a simpler time.

    When they brought the series back in the early 90s, the metaphors had to be evolved a little to fit the times. The Russians, er, Klingons were now allies. The Romulans were a little more open. More threatening. The Cardassians represented the growing (at the time) terrorist threat. And so on...

    And what about the Ferengi? Yeah... the Ferengi. Money grubbing. Short. Conniving. Nervous around women. Large facial feature (ears, in this case). Uh oh...

    That can't be good. Yeah, we'd be pretty concerned right now except for one thing. The metaphorical Jews in Star Trek already have a representative: The Bajorans.

    Let's see, ancient religious race (check), freed from oppression (check), constantly on guard from attack by their terrorist neighbors (check), a peaceful people forced to become militaristic and guarded (check-a-roo).

    Yup, looks like the Bajorans are Israel. Well, that solves that problem. As for the Ferengi? Well who's more short, conniving and money-grubbing than the Dutch?

    (kidding, kidding, really just kidding)

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    August 10, 2010

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