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    Stephen Strasburg

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    July 20, 1988 —

    Here's the thing about Jews — we're actually a very inclusive people.

    Yes, the Torah says thou shalt not recruit and except for a few bad etrogs (we're looking at you, Lubavitch) we adhere to that rule. But that doesn't mean we can't be interested, even excited, about anyone with even a smidgen of Jewish heritage.

    i.e., this website.

    If someone is getting buzz, any kind of buzz, you can be damn sure we're gonna know if they're Jewish sooner rather than later. That isn't prying or gossiping or whatever. It's just that we want to know so we can send a nice challah or whatever.

    So, when Stephen Strasburg was lighting up radar guns and getting recruited by multiple big-name colleges, chances are someone would have mentioned if he were Jewish. And if not then, then it would have come up when he was a lock #1 draft pick. Or when he was negotiating his multimillion dollar contract. Or when he was making minor leaguers weep like little girls... You get the point.

    Since Strasburg is now in the majors, piling up strikeouts and looking for all the world like a... well, a world beater (at least until his inevitable arm injury and subsequent washout as a closer for the... we'll say Padres) and we still haven't heard about how The Anchorman is a Jew?

    Well, that can only mean one thing. Sorry, folks:

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    June 17, 2010

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