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    Ethan Zohn

    Jew Score:



    November 12, 1973 —

    Here at Jew or Not Jew, we like Survivor.

    Scratch that, we LOVE Survivor. Yes, the same people who spend profile after profile bashing one television show after another, the same people who show their disdain for American Idol time and again, the same people spend the morning after each Survivor episode discussing the latest Tribal Council and plotting scenarios for their favorite contestants to get ahead in the game.

    And why do we love it so much? Maybe it's the incredibly complex social game that Survivor is. Maybe it's all the morons who make the hilarious, idiotic mistakes week after week. Maybe it's because every season brings us something different. Maybe it's sexy girls in bikinis. Maybe it's all of the above.

    It's not because of the Jews, that's for sure. No, there haven't been many on Survivor, at least not many of note. We had Stephen Fishbach, who made the final of last year's Season 18, and then we had Ethan Zohn, who took the title all the way back in Season 3. Zohn, by the way, is one of the good guys. He spent a part of his winnings to start Grassroot Soccer, a foundation that tries to help fight AIDS in Africa.

    But this weekend, the thoughts of Survivor Jews will be put on the backburner. We'll be glued to the television screen, immersed as the goyim fight it out for that elusive Survivor title. And we'll apologize in advance if Monday's profile is delayed because we're spending the morning debating the finale. For at Jew or Not Jew, we like Survivor.

    We guess there's no accounting for taste.

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 13, 2010

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