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    Rich Eisen

    Jew Score:



    June 24, 1969 —

    There's the old campaign for BASF: "We don't make the products you buy. We make them better."

    And for some reason this makes us think of Jews in sports. Or y'know, the lack thereof. That's not exactly true, we know. After all, mission one of this website has always been to dispel the notion of the non-athletic Jew.

    But compared to the number of people reporting on sports? It's just... wow... that's a lot of Jews, huh? Apparently, once you get kicked off the high school team for only being 5'4" it's de rigeur to go to journalism school.

    And we're cool with that. But it leads to some pretty strange situations. For instance, the ad for the NFL network where they show a bunch of former players looking all tough and knowledgeable with the Jewish Rich Eisen leading the pack. It's sort of like seeing the Justice League led by Bill Gates. Yeah, it sort of works, but no, not really.

    That's no knock on Eisen's ability. We've always enjoyed his work from his SportsCenter days on through. But you have to admit it is a little odd.

    So howsabout this from the old ad bag? "We don't play the games you love, we just report on them."

    Pretty good, right?

    Verdict: Jew.

    April 5, 2010

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