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    Harrison Ford

    Jew Score:



    July 13, 1942 —

    Some Jews are easy to spot. Take Woody Allen, for instance. You don't need a Jewish radar (Jewdar?) or some clever website to tell you he is Jewish. One look at the former Mr. Konigsberg is all you need to permanently classify him as a member of the tribe.

    And then there's Harrison Ford.

    Let's face it; Ford doesn't look Jewish, Ford doesn't act Jewish, and "Ford" doesn't sound Jewish. In fact, if you poll a man on the street, they will gladly proclaim one of America's favorite action heroes to be an Irishman. And they would be half right.

    For Ford's father is Irish — but his mother is Jewish. And as he says himself, he feels "Irish as a person but Jewish as an actor". Perfect. So you Irishmen can take his bulimic-dating real-life persona. We'll claim Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

    Not a fair trade-off? Sure, but what else do you expect from this website?

    Verdict: Jew.

    January 15, 2007

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