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    Judge Judy

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    (Judith Sheindlin)
    October 21, 1942 —

    There's a whole host of TV judges wandering the airwaves nowadays, but there are only two in our hearts: Judge Wapner of the People's Court and Judge Judy of... Judge Judy. Anyway, which one's better? Cage match! But since we don't have a cage on hand, we'll put them in this handy-dandy chart, instead:

    Home BaseCaliforniaNew York
    Verdict: Judy. Both shows are filmed in California, but Judy is a former NYC judge, and that gives her the advantage.
    Verdict: Judy. A bad haircut is better than no hair at all. Trust us.
    Young LoveFuture screen star Lana TurnerFuture prosecutor Ronald Levy
    Verdict: Wapner. Because when normal people get to date future starlets, everyone wins.
    Book"From the Bench""Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever"
    Verdict: Push. Because when judges write, everyone loses.
    ParodyThe Devil goes to the People's Court on SNLTurned into "Judge Harm" on the Simpsons
    Verdict: Wapner. Jon Lovitz in a red devil suit with floppy ears gets us every time.
    MudslingCalled Judy coarse and insultingCalled Wapner rude for pointing out that she is coarse and insulting
    Verdict: Wapner. Nobody likes a tattletale. Unless, y'know, they're right.
    Advantage: Us.

    And so, once again we have scientifically proven that the winner is... BOTH! When it comes to semi-fictional, Jewish TV Judges, how can we possibly choose between them?

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 18, 2009

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