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    Lorne Michaels

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    (Lorne David Lipowitz)
    November 17, 1944 —

    Lorne Michaels is a comedic genius. A Canadian Jew, Michaels is the co-creator of the groundbreaking Saturday Night Live, which essentially invented the modern world of television comedy. The list of comedians he discovered is uncountable. His contribution to American culture and art is unquantifiable. Our respect for him is undeniable.


    There's only one thing that makes any of this at all interesting. Y'see, Mike Myers (not a Jew, Linda Richmond aside), based his Dr. Evil character on Lorne Michaels (just listen to Michaels talk. You'll hear it). You know what that means? The good doctor could be Jewish!

    See, now that's cool. This site needs more cartoonish super-villainy to fill out the ranks. It's much more important than finding more artists and classical composers. Trust us. And who could be better than Dr. Evil, who spent three movies convincing us (successfully) that he's cooler than the swinging Austin Powers. Hey, he didn't spend 13 years going to evil Hebrew school just to be called a goy! Y'know, if he's Jewish. Which he probably isn't. But the possibility has us positively giddy.

    Seriously, the man could take over the world. That's much more important than creating some late night comedy program that hasn't been funny in 10 years.

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 16, 2009

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