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    Vince Shlomi

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    (Vince Offer)
    April 25, 1964 —

    It's the morning of Simchat Torah and lo and behold, you forgot to roll your Torah back to the beginning for evening services. Rolling by hand could take days. Not mention the horrible wrist pain from repetitive turning.

    Well worry no more with the Amazing Torah Roller. Look at this, just slide the Torah in and — BOOM rolled to the start in seconds and not a smudged holy letter.

    Made in Israel — you better believe those guys know their Torahs — the Amazing Torah Roller works at home, at the shul, or even on a holy night out on the town with the boys.

    Want to call up a certain section? Let's do this right here — watch this Mr. Camera: Place and roll — BAM! There's Leviticus.

    I'm so convinced, so sure that you're gonna love this product that I'm going to throw in a little something extra: The All-Purpose Extending Yad. No more losing your place during an important aliyah. No more painful reaching for text. The All-Purpose Extending Yad is made from the finest, rabbinically-evaluated aluminum and can reach a length of over three feet!

    And I'm gonna give you the whole thing, the Amazing Torah Roller and the All-Purpose Extending Yad for $19.95. That's right, a $60 value for the modern equivalent of two zuzim.

    You just can't beat this amazing deal. Call now!

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    April 24, 2009

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