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    Toby Flenderson

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    One of the things that help to make "The Office" great is the amount of supplemental material that exists on the show's website. So, when we have an hour or two to kill at our job, we head over to watch deleted scenes, read Dunder-Mifflin's monthly newsletter, or browse through the now-sadly-closed Angela & Andy wedding registry.

    Among the goodies hides the Scranton branch's organizational chart, designed by Dwight. The chart actually made an appearance in an episode last year and meticulously details not only the office's hierarchy, but such important things as... sexual orientation and menstrual cycles.

    So what does Dwight have next to HR man's Toby Flenderson's name? The Star of David, with a question mark! Apparently, Dwight is not sure. Let's see if we can help him.

    For a while, there was not much to go on. The actor who plays Toby, Paul Lieberstein, is Jewish. That, of course, is not enough. In the episode where everyone talks about their religion, he does not speak. And "Flenderson" does not sound Jewish at all. So we were pretty much stumped.

    Until now. In a Season 5 episode, Toby mentions that he attended seminary. He even holds up a photo to prove it. So there goes our token Jew.

    We guess we'll have to settle for Jan Levinson.

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    April 10, 2009

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