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    "Welcome back to Jew or Not Jew Radio, 1818 on your AM dial, WJEW! Tonight we come to you LIVE from the swamps of Dagobah courtesy of Moile's Little Lightsabers! Moile's — you just can't get a cleaner cut. Our guest tonight is Jedi Master, Force Guru, and former Green Giant spokesperson, Master Yoda!

    "Yoda! You seek Yoda!"

    "Yes, we just said that. So, Yoda, Yodameister, Yoda-reeno, let's get right down to it: are you Jewish?"

    "Why ask you this question? Jewish am I? The Force I believe in! Make it clear for you, I will."

    "Yes, making us float upside down. Very funny. We'll make this quick, then — no truth to the rumors that you were a bar mitzvah?"

    "Bar mitzvah I was NOT. Where hear such things, do you?"

    "Actually, we saw it on an episode of Futurama."

    "Yes. Many times have I watched that show. Very humorous it is. Confused me with Dr. Zoidberg, perhaps you have."

    "No, we checked into him. Jewish, he is not, er, he's not a Jew."

    "Happy to hear that am I. So annoying he is. An ambassador for your people, he is not."

    "Agreed. Well, sorry to have bothered you."

    "No problem it is. Very lonely am I. Stay to watch Desperate Housewives you will? One hot chicky that Teri Hatcher is."


    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    April 6, 2009

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