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    Che Guevara

    Jew Score:



    June 14, 1928 – October 9, 1967

    Che Guevara. Doctor. Guerrilla. Author. Revolutionary. Best-selling t-shirt. Jew?

    No, of course not. His father was Ernesto Guevara Lynch. His mother was Celia de la Serna. His family had Spanish, Basque, and Irish roots. Nothing remotely Jewish there.

    All that information is easy to find out. In fact, we just did. A couple of quick Internet searches and voila! Che's life story at our fingertips. Not even a hint of Judaism.

    Unless you read Russian, that is. Because if you do, you might have found an anonymous Russian blog that paints a different picture of Che. A very Jewish picture, that is.

    Now, when we read it, we just laughed it off, and filed it under "bad attempt at humor" or "yet another Russian attempt to prove that everyone is a Jew". It's an anonymous blog. What do you expect?

    Well, a prominent Egyptian newspaper picked up a story and ran with it. And suddenly it was out there. Che Guevara. Jew. Oops.

    See, clearly it's very important to never listen to an anonymous blog. An anonymous Jew-rating website, however...

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    December 29, 2008

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