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    Marx Brothers

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    (Chico, Harpo, Groucho, and Zeppo Marx)
    1887 – 1961, 1888 – 1964, 1890 – 1977, 1901 – 1979

    It was just Thanksgiving here in the good ol' US of A. And that means family time. Parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. Distant cousins. Forgotten, long lost relations. Basically a whole smorgasbord of people who for some reason or another insist on commenting on how OLD (or bald, or fat) we've gotten in the past year, decade, millennium... whatever.

    And don't get us wrong, we love our families. Love seeing them. But we like small doses. We can't imagine spending months upon end, day after day in their company. Let alone building our whole careers around them.

    Which, as you've probably guessed by now, is exactly what the Marx Brothers chose to do. Just looking at their work makes it clear that they were always a bit goofy, but choosing to spend THAT much time with family suggests a heretofore undocumented level of insanity.

    Oh sure, it clearly worked out for the best. All-time great movies. Critically acclaimed performances. Considered some of the greatest comics of all time. Plus they're the 400th Jew or Not Jew profile. You just can't argue with success like that.

    Hmmmm, maybe it's time to see if Uncle Pincus has some free time to work on the site?

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 3, 2008

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