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    Jew Town

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    Today, we're headed to Jew Town. (Or is it Jewtown?) No, not the unincorporated community in Georgia. No, not the one on Pennsylvania. (Apparently, residents have decided its name wasn't derogatory!) No, not the one in Kazakhstan, it's not even real! (Sorry, Borat.) The one in Kochi, India.

    Kochi is a city of 600,000 on the west coast of the southern tip of the Indian peninsula. Jew Town lies smack in the middle of it. What gives?

    Actual Jews! They have been reported in the area of Kochi as far back as the first century CE. 12th-century Jewish explorer Benjamin of Tudela spotted some as well. In the 1500s, after Europeans made their way to India, numerous Jews came from Portugal and Spain to escape the inquisition. Known as Cochin Jews, the community grew through the years... but is now virtually non-existent. Supposedly, there are 15 Cochin Jews left in all of India.

    So, yes, Jew Town! You can visit the 450-year-old synagogue or the Jewish cemetery. There is the 16th-century Mattancherry Palace and the more recent International Tourism Police Station and Police Museum(???).

    Just don't expect any Jews.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    May 20, 2024

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