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    Yitzhak Rabin

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    March 1, 1922 – November 4, 1995

    For months now, we've been trying to write something about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, and we just can't. We start typing and quickly erase. It's just so freaking hard.

    It's not because that regardless of what we write, some will label us dirty Zionists or Islamic terrorist sympathizers. Or both. Sigh.

    Well, here's something we can say: regardless of where you stand on the matter, YOU don't have the solution. You simply don't! There is a reason this powder keg has been blowing up for decades. There is absolutely no answer that will make everyone happy, or even lead to a compromise! And if someone brings up the two-state solution...

    Sure, it sounds good on paper. But let's remember Yitzhak Rabin, the man who did more than pretty much anyone to bring peace to the region. He wanted the two-state solution. What happened to Rabin? Sigh.

    So while one side terrorizes, and the other fights back, and millions are caught in the middle just hoping for peace, what can we say?

    It's just so freaking terrible.

    Verdict: Jew.

    January 31, 2024

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