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    Javier Milei

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    October 22, 1970 —

    Javier Milei, the new President of Argentina is... how do we put it nicely... quite a nutjob? Yeah, that sounds about right. The guy's signature move is wielding a chainsaw, after all.

    He calls the pope a communist, wants to legalize the sale of human organs, talks about making his sister his "first lady", and gets psychic advice from his dead dog... But none of those are reasons for this profile. You see, Milei wants to become Jewish. (Wait, did we just call him a nutjob? Should we take that back?)

    Supposedly, Milei reads the Torah daily and really, really wants to convert. One thing is stopping him: he wants to work on Saturdays! You see, it will be very tough for someone who holds the highest office in the land to take every seventh day off! (Here we mention that another president, of a different country that shall not be named, used to take whole weeks offs... but we digress.)

    We really recommend Milei finds out about Reform Judaism, which would get around the whole Saturday mishegas, or it's back to Catholicism for him. Besides, the working ban on Shabbat includes appliances... so no chainsaws!

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    December 13, 2023

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