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    Georg Brandes

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    February 4, 1842 – February 19, 1927

    "It would be as impossible for me to attack Christianity as it would be impossible for me to attack werewolves." — Georg Brandes

    Georg Brandes is considered one of the giants of Danish literature. Since we're not exactly up on our 19th century Scandinavian fare, we assume there was a lot of gloom. It's Danish literature. We wouldn't expect anything else.

    In any case, Brandes, an atheist Jew, was as much a philosopher as he was a writer. And he was not exactly a fan of Christianity, as evidenced by the opening quote. That being said... werewolves?

    When we think of goyim, do we think of moon-controlled monsters filled with ravenous rage? (Let's not answer that.) No, with apologies to Brandes, if we were to pick a supernatural creature to compare Christianity to, there is one obvious choice:


    Verdict: Jew.

    July 12, 2023

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