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    David Zaslav

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    January 15, 1960 —

    Just for the record, we are NOT calling David Zaslav "the most hated man in Hollywood". Absolutely not! We're sure there is someone out there, perhaps a fan of scripted reality shows, who does not hate Zaslav. But have you ever met anyone who doesn't hate Pauly Shore? We rest our case.

    So while we are NOT calling David Zaslav "the most hated man in Hollywood", that's what GQ Magazine recently did. What was Zaslav's transgression? First, he turned Discovery from an education channel to a reality cesspool. Now, as the new head of Warner Bros Discovery, he is letting that cesspool drip onto the what was once called HBO Max. Now de-HBOed and losing prestige by the minute, with once-favorite shows cut from the platform and finished movies being shelved as tax write-offs, Zaslav has not exactly won many friends, in Hollywood or beyond.

    So, if you want to head over to GQ Magazine and read their takedown of Zaslav... you can't, as Zaslav had his people take it down. GQ and Warner Bros Discovery are partly owned by the same organization. That's corporate America for you.

    Just in case someone has a problem with THIS profile, we repeat: David Zaslav is NOT "the most hated man in Hollywood". He is not even the most hated Jew in Hollywood. That, once again, is Pauly Shore.

    But Zaslav is up there...

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    July 10, 2023

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