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    Luke Hughes

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    September 9, 2003 —

    According to Ken Campbell, who wrote a book on youth hockey, someone in the general population has a 1/2500 chance of playing in the NHL. (Let's assume he means men.) That number seems kinda high, but who are we to argue with an expert?

    What are the odds of someone in the NHL being Jewish? There are 1000 players in the NHL any given year, give or take. Of those, maybe 10 are Jewish. (We're being generous here.) So, let's say it's 10/1000, or 1/100.

    What are the odds of a set of three brothers making it in the NHL? By our count, as of this writing, there have been 8409 players in NHL history. Of those, 92 had at least two siblings also play in the league. So that gives us 92/8409.

    Now, multiply them all together! The odds of three Jewish brothers making it in the NHL are 1/2500 1/100 92/8409 = 92/2,102,250,000, which makes Luke Hughes one in 23 million! (And so is big brother Quinn, and so is big brother and Devils teammate Jack.)

    What are the odds of two Jewish brothers being on the same team? That's too complex even for us!

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 3, 2023

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