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    Sylvester Shyster

    Jew Score:




    We've dabbled in various spinoff ideas over the years, and YiddishOrNotYiddish.com is definitely on top of our list. Think of the possibilities: bagel (Yiddish), borscht (Not Yiddish), schmooze (Yiddish), shenanigans (Not Yiddish!), shyster...

    Uh... Probably not Yiddish? The roots of "shyster" are shrouded in mystery. The Oxford English Dictionary calls its origins "obscure", with "shy" potentially coming from its old meaning, "disreputable". Miriam-Webster seems to think that it comes from the German "Scheißer"... or "shitter", which makes it possibly Yiddish? And then there are various antisemitic interpretations, which we will not repeat here.

    Which brings us to Sylvester Shyster, who is a lawyer character from old Mickey Mouse comics. Apparently, Shyster is after Minnie's fortune. And, yeah, we can't help but ask that burning question...

    He's a dog.

    Oh, the other one! Sigh. Well, as far as we know, at least he doesn't openly use Yiddish...

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    April 21, 2023

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