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    Bob Denard

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    (Gilbert Bourgeaud)
    April 7, 1929 – October 13, 2007

    If you can find Comoros on the map, we salute you. It's an island country off the east coast of Africa. Mostly Muslim, it's a former French colony that got its independence in 1975. Now, about that...

    Independence might have come, but it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. Three years after, a military coup overthrew socialist-leaning president Ali Soilih. Leading that revolt was Frenchman Bob Denard, who was previously up to similar shenanigans in Congo, Rhodesia, and Benin, to various levels of achievement.

    Full success finally came in the Comoros: former president Ahmed Abdallah was put back in charge, with Denard serving as a puppet master. For over a decade, he became the de facto leader of the country. It has been postulated, but not proven, that Denard was supported by the French government.

    In 1989, Abdallah was assassinated and Denard kicked out of the country, only to return in 1995 with another coup attempt. That one was a tad less successful. After a week, France decided to put an end to all of that and got Denard to surrender. In 2001, he attempted yet another coup... but that one barely got off the ground.

    So, was this modern mercenary Jewish? He was... for a while. Apparently, Denard was born Catholic as Gilbert Bourgeaud, briefly converted to Judaism, then turned to Islam when the got to the Comoros, before reverting to Catholicism again. Truly a unique case, to say the least.

    If you could find anyone similar, we salute you.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    March 15, 2023

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