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    Karel Hartmann

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    July 6, 1885 – October 16, 1944

    Hockey debuted at the Olympics in 1920 in Antwerp, Belgium. Yes, keen observers: ICE hockey debuted at the SUMMER Olympics. The winter ones didn't exist back then.

    In any case, in the quarterfinals of the tournament, Canada smacked Czechoslovakia 15:0. Canada would go on to beat Sweden to take the gold, while the Czechs...

    No, the Czechs were still in it. The tournament followed a crazy formula which started with single elimination to determine the gold medal, which was followed by single elimination to determine the silver medal, which was followed by... yes, you guessed it. So basically the gold medal got awarded first and teams that lost continued to fight for scraps. Weird, we know.

    So the Czechs dropped to the silver medal bracket, where they got smacked by the United States, 16:0. You know what follows: the bronze medal bracket! There, the Czechs faced Sweden (yes, the same Sweden that lost the GOLD medal game three days prior), and won 1:0 to become hockey's first ever bronze Olympic medalist! (For those counting, that's one goal scored, 31 allowed...)

    On that Czech team was Karel Hartmann, who played the now-forgotten rover position. In his non-sporting life, Hartmann was a Jewish sports journalist and lawyer. Well, he was Jewish for a while, until converting to Catholicism... because he wanted to sing in a church choir. (There are worse reasons?) That conversion did not stop the Nazis, as Hartmann perished in Auschwitz.

    Still, a Jewish Olympic hockey medalist. First of many!

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    October 17, 2022

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