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    Elisabeth Borne

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    April 18, 1961 —

    Hey France, can we talk for a minute? Pull up a chair!

    We're friends, right? We appreciate your contribution to world's culture, literature, and cuisine... L'escargot est magnifique!

    But here's the thing, France. Russia? Russia is not a friend of France. You remember World War II, right? You remember the fear that Russia would just walk through Germany and take you next? Well, take a look at Russia now!

    We don't understand, France, why your leadership wants to play nice with Putin. You can't make friends with dictators! Didn't you see how they make a treaty one day only to break it the next? Do you think that ceding Ukrainian land to them will appease the madness? For a while, maybe, but they will not stop at Ukraine! And then, you, France, are not far behind...

    Your prime minister, France, is Jewish woman, Elisabeth Borne! Her father was born in what is now Eastern Poland, fleeing antisemitism to later join the French Resistance, surviving two concentration camps! He fought against German Nazis, Madame Borne...

    Let's hope your country doesn't have to fight Russian ones.

    Verdict: Jew.

    August 15, 2022

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