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    Gerard Blitz

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    February 28, 1912 – March 3, 1990

    Didn't we just profile Gerard Blitz, a rather obscure Belgian Jew?

    Yes, we have, thank you for paying attention! (Although what's obscure to some might not be to others...) But that Gerard Blitz was an Olympic water polo player, and this one is an entrepreneur. This Gerard Blitz founded Club Med, the first all-inclusive resort and the standard for all that followed (for better or for worse).

    This Gerard Blitz fled Belgium to France after Germany invaded and joined the resistance movement, fighting Nazis and helping victims of the Holocaust. After the war, he decided to open a resort for these survivors, where they could rest, swim, and be taken care of around the clock. So Blitz got a bunch of tents, plopped them in Majorca (this is long before Majorca became a tourist hotspot), and Club Med[iterranee] was born.

    Those tents proved to be a solution and a problem; the supplier, Gilbert Triano, eventually pushed Blitz out of his company. Nevertheless, the all-inclusive concept pioneered by Blitz started spreading all over the world. (Again, for better or for worse.)

    Finally, to bring it all around, this Gerard Blitz is the nephew of the other Gerard Blitz!

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 18, 2021

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