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    Elizaveta Zarubina

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    (Ester Rosentsveig)
    January 1, 1900 – May 14, 1987

    Elizaveta Zaburina... or should we say Elizaveta Gorskaya... Elizabeth Zubilin... or perhaps Anna Deutsch... Gutschneker? Kochek? Erna? Vardo? Zoya? Ester Rosentsveig (for better or for worse!) was one of Soviet Union's top spies. She played a key role in stealing nuclear secrets from the United States... but this profile is not about that.

    In 1929, Elizaveta (Ester was her real name, and check out that birthdate: January 1, 1900!), was sent by the Soviets to Turkey, together with her lover Yakov Blumkin. (There is a version that says they were only pretending, but we're going to bet against it: Elizaveta had many, many lovers.) Blumkin was Soviet Union's international man of mystery (check out the list of his alleged deeds in the profile linked below). Their task: pose as orthodox Jews and sell Hebrew books to finance Soviet operations. You can't make this stuff up!

    We're not sure how many books were sold, but we're sure how it all ended: with Blumkin's arrest because of his supposed loyalty to Trotsky. Elizaveta sold him out...

    Blumkin was sent back to the Soviet Union and swiftly executed. Elizaveta continued her spying for two more decades.

    We know the Cold War didn't start until the 1940s, but that was very, very cold.

    Verdict: Jew.

    April 5, 2021

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