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    Johnny Rose

    Jew Score:




    We adore Eugene Levy!

    Extremely talented. Extremely funny. Extremely Jewish. What's not to like, really? We'll watch just about anything with Eugene Levy in it. He's great.

    We love Catherine O'Hara!

    Also very talented and very funny. OK, not at all Jewish, but still! Catherine O'Hara! She's great.

    We, ummm, don't hate Schitt's Creek?

    It's OK. We know a lot of people really like it. We're about halfway through season 2 so far and it's... Fine? Really totally fine.

    Eugene Levy is great in it. So is Catherine O'Hara. The rest of the cast is really good, too. The writing is smart. It's not bad! Mostly.

    But this is one of those things where we're supposed to be all head over heels and so far we're kinda not. And if you're already into Season 2 and not head over heels, well, you're probably never going to get there. Sadly.

    Oh, and the Rose family, the focus of the show, is Jewish. So that's nice.

    Verdict: Jew.

    January 15, 2021

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