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    George Zweig

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    May 30, 1937 —

    In 1969, Murray Gell-Mann won the Nobel in Physics for discovering quarks. Good for him. Jewish, too! Profiled all the way back in 2013. Good for him!

    One small issue: independently from Gell-Mann, a Russian-born Cal Tech student named George Zweig (what a fantastic head of hair!) also discovered quarks. (Only he called them aces.)

    So what gives? The Nobel committee loves sharing awards, and here was a perfect opportunity! It turns out that Zweig had a major strike against him: he did not publish his results in a peer-review journal. Uh...

    It goes even deeper: apparently, Israeli Yuval Ne'eman also independently came up with a classification of hadrons, which he claimed was the foundation of quark theory. He was also denied the Nobel...

    Well, the least we can do is give Zweig his own profile. Ne'eman? Fine, they can share! See that, Nobel committee?

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 12, 2020

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