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    Benjamin Spock

    Jew Score:



    May 2, 1903 – May 15, 1998

    Previously we profiled Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on TV's (and movies', and books', and ill conceived musical albums') Star Trek.

    However, this is not a profile of our pointy eared pal Mr. Spock. This is a profile of the man he is often confused for, Dr. Spock. And the two could not be more different.

    Mr. Spock — from the planet Vulcan.

    Dr. Spock — born in Connecticut.

    Mr. Spock — an adventurer and scientist who always advised his Captain to hold logic above emotional concerns.

    Dr. Spock — a writer and pediatrician who advised parents to show their babies affection.

    Mr. Spock — symbol of overweight, unathletic dorks everywhere.

    Dr. Spock — won a gold medal rowing in the 1924 Olympics.

    Mr. Spock — played by a Jew, therefore at least possibly Jewish according to the Jewish actor = Jewish fictional character (but only if we like them) corollary postulated by this website.

    Dr. Spock — not a Jew. Darn.

    Seriously, how does anyone get these two confused?

    Verdict: Sadly, not a Jew.

    July 9, 2008

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