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    Suzy Kolber

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    May 14, 1964 —

    Suzy Kolber is one of the most respected sports journalists on TV today, but we are here to remember her debut on national television... as the first ever host on espn2. Note the lack of upper casing.

    At its inception, espn2 ("the deuce!") was supposed to be the "hip" version of ESPN. Its parallel to SportsCenter was to be Sportsnight, a three-hour-long marathon that would "take a more progressive look at sports." Their words, not ours.

    Anchoring this monstrosity... why don't we just show you?

    Yes, that would be Keith Olbermann in a leather jacket (that's how you know he is hip!), and Kolber next to him, wearing some kind of a choker. (Is that hip? Another one of her early Sportsnight outfits was a jacket so red it would put fire trucks to shame.)

    So how did Sportsnight fill those hours? Well, the episode available online contained a detailed look into the catch phrase "whoomp, there it is" (we wish were we kidding) and turned Charles Barkley into a comic book hero who solved referee murders (Olbermann: "perhaps he should look in the mirror"). Then, Suzy spoke the following words about a famous golfer: "Trouble should be John Daly's middle name. He's been sober for 11 months, but his personal life is crumbling. He and his wife are divorcing." All of this happened. As part of a sports show.

    Sportsnight did not survive long, and soon espn2 dropped the "hipness" and became ESPN2, a basic clone of ESPN. As for Suzy, who, yes, is Jewish, it worked out well, despite the rough beginning. That being said, it's probably best not to rehash the time Joe Namath tried to kiss her...

    Verdict: Jew.

    January 14, 2019

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