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    Jason Reitman

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    October 19, 1977 —

    Jason Reitman has done a great job in following his father's footsteps. Ivan gave us "Ghostbusters", "Twins", and "Kindergarten Cop", and Jason did "Juno"... and other stuff. (At JONJ, we're divided about the quality of "Up in the Air".) But we're not here to talk about Jason's directing career, or his Jewishness (his goyishe mother converted, for those who like to keep track of those things). We're going to talk about Jason as an actor.

    This is one of the benefits of having a famous director for a father: you might get to appear in his films! So young Jason actually had a line... no, not in "Ghostbusters", but in "Ghostbusters II", and then... did someone mention "Kindergarten Cop"?

    Here is Jason, in his teenage glory, in an incredibly awkward scene when Arnold walks in on him sharing a kiss with a girl. It turns out that not only was it Jason's first kiss — on screen or otherwise — but his father had to explain to him how to kiss...

    Did we say "benefit"?

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 28, 2018

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