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    George Wald

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    November 18, 1906 – April 12, 1997

    "Eat your carrots," our mother used to say. "They are full of vitamin A!"

    "What's so great about vitamin A?", we asked back then.

    "It's good for your eyes!"

    "Don't care. Carrots are disgusting!"

    And we pushed away the plate, hoping the carrots to be replaced by something more palatable. That never worked.

    Well, it turns out our mother was right. (About many things, not just the carrots. But also the carrots.) Vitamin A is good for the the retina, which was established by Jewish scientist George Wald. He even won a Nobel Prize for his discovery. (Bet you didn't know that, mom!)

    Well, now we're adults, and we still hate carrots. Except now, no one is forcing us to eat them.

    As for our eyes? Despite not eating carrots in decades, still working (knock on wood). Must be the good genes!

    Right, mom?

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 29, 2017

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