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    Mikhail Botvinnik

    Jew Score:



    August 17, 1911 – May 5, 1995

    Recently, we looked through undisputed world heavyweight boxing champions to find a Jew. It was difficult, but we succeeded.

    Today, we're up to a much easier task. Finding a Jewish undisputed world chess champion. Yeah, this should take about two seconds.

    One... two.

    So far, there have been fifteen undisputed world chess champions. Seven of them, including, oh, let's pick one, three-time titleholder Mikhail Botvinnik, were ethnically Jewish. Well, that was simple.

    One thing bothers us, however. Seven out of fifteen? That's a surprisingly low number. Honestly, we expected at least 75% here.

    Well, two ways it can go from here. Either some creative researcher is going to find if Jose Raul Capablanca, Boris Spassky, and Viswanathan Anand have Jewish heritage, or... we'll just have to dust off the old chess board ourselves.

    Watch out, chess world.

    (Editor's update, 2013: It's now 16 world champions, and Magnus Carlsen isn't Jewish either. The percentage is dropping!)

    Verdict: Jew.

    June 5, 2008

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