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    Karl von Frisch

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    November 20, 1886 – June 12, 1982

    Why do bees dance?

    For a long time one of zoology's unanswered questions, it was solved by Austrian ethologist Karl von Frisch. Bees dance to tell their swarm-mates where food is. How they dance changes based on the distance to the source. Those clever bees!

    Von Frisch studied bees for decades; much of that time was spent in Munich University. When the Nazis found out that von Frisch had a Jewish grandmother, it did not exactly go over well. (They also frowned that he had Jewish assistants, and that he hired women. The nerve!)

    After the Nazis were defeated, von Frisch returned to studying bees. For his efforts, including deciphering that dancing mystery, he was awarded the Nobel in Medicine in 1973.

    Why do whales sing?

    Sheesh, what are we, Zoology Today? Google it!

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    August 16, 2017

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