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    Nicholas Donin

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    (13th century)

    In 1240, a disputation took part in Paris. Called, obviously, the Disputation of Paris...

    (A disputation is an organized debate, usually centered around religion. They even allowed Jews to participate. For better or for worse...)

    A cleric named Nicholas Donin went to the pope and said, these Jews are... not right. You know the Old Testament they seem to follow? Well, that's all fun and good, but there is a much more sinister book they follow as well. It's called the Talmud, and in that Talmud... Oh boy!

    In that Talmud, a man named Jesus gets sent to hell and gets boiled in feces. (Someone, show us that passage, please?) A woman named Mary is called a harlot. You know who Jesus and Mary are, pope? Right? Right?

    The pope was obviously not a fan. Four top French rabbis were appointed to dispute Donin. The winner? Do we have to ask?...

    On June 17, 1244, Talmuds burned on the streets of Paris. New waves of antisemitism spread through France.

    Here's the kicker: Donin was a Jew who converted.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    June 28, 2017

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