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    The Illuminati

    Jew Score:




    Mr. X: I want to discuss Section 1, Paragraph 8 of our charter.

    Mr. Y: Let's see... no Jews allowed?

    Mr. X: You see, I have a friend... well, not a friend, more like an acquaintance... a business associate, really...

    Mr. Y: Get on with it!

    Mr. X: Mendel Mintz...

    Mr. Y: The Mattress King of South Strasbourg?

    Mr. X: The one and only. He would like to join.

    Mr. Y: But Section 1, Paragraph 8 clearly says...

    Mr. X: Yes, no Jews allowed. Perhaps we can make an exception?

    Mr. Y: That's highly irregular!

    Mr. X: Mendel has a lot of money...

    Mr. Y: They all do!

    Mr. X: And here's what I was thinking... We want people to think we're this all-powerful order, right?

    Mr. Y: Duh.

    Mr. X: But meanwhile, we just sit around in dimly-lit basements and get drunk, right?

    Mr. Y: Duh!

    Mr. X: Well, let's say we get blamed for something...

    Mr. Y: For what?

    Mr. X: I dunno, something. People like to blame secret societies for all sort of things.

    Mr. Y: Go on...

    Mr. X: Well, we can twist the blame back on the Jews!

    Mr. Y: So what you're saying, if people think the Illuminati is behind something evil...

    Mr. X: Yes...

    Mr. Y: We'll just parade this Mendel Mintz and say it's the fault of the Jews?

    Mr. X: Right!

    Mr. Y: I'm not sure. I kinda like when people think we're evil. Motion denied! No Jews!

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    May 31, 2017

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