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    Luis de Gongora

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    July 11, 1561 – May 24, 1627

    Francisco de Quevedo and Luis de Gongora were two of Spain's all-time greatest poets. They hated each other's guts.

    Quevedo and Gongora spent years feuding, trading back-and-forth barbs. Gongora was accused of flattery, gambling, and sodomy. One of Quevedo's favorite topics, the subject of one of his most famous poems, was Gongora's... nose.

    You see, Gongora possessed a rather large nose, and Quevedo decided that was proof that his rival was not exactly... Christian. (More specifically, that he was Jewish. 17th century antisemitism at its peak!)

    Now, while it's possible that Gongora had Jewish roots, there is no definite proof. Considering he spent time as a deacon, we doubt that there was any latent Judaism in his life.

    That life ended when Quevedo bought Gongora's house, with the sole purpose of evicting him. Broke and displaced, Gongora died. So while we will end this profile with "Verdict: Not a Jew", if beats what we would have given Quevedo:

    "Verdict: Asshole."

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    January 9, 2017

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