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    Mike Wazowski

    Jew Score:




    Are there Jewish monsters?

    Alright, let's rephrase the question, before we dive off the deep end. We are not talking about Jewish people who are "monsters": murderers, sociopaths, Pauly Shore. Those, sadly exist. Are there fictional monsters who are Jewish?

    And if there are, wouldn't Mike Wazowski be the perfect candidate? His name sends Eastern European overtones (is there Eastern Europe in the world of "Monsters, Inc"?), he is voiced by Billy Crystal, he does not wear any pants (let's get back to that one...)

    And if there are Jewish monsters, does that mean there are monster synagogues? Monster Passover? Monster gefilte fish? Monster circumcision? And wouldn't that last one be problematic, because (back to it!), no pants?

    So, let's say "no" to Jewish monsters.

    Which brings us to a more important question...

    Does Mike poop out of the back of his head or what?

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    October 31, 2016

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