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    Zack Norman

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    (Howard Zuker)
    May 27, 1940 —

    We were watching Romancing the Stone for the 27th time...

    What? Surprised? We LOVE Romancing the Stone. We even mentioned it in the Kathleen Turner profile. Thanks for paying attention!

    Anyway, we were watching Romancing the Stone for the 27th time, when it hit us: the bad guys are Jewish!

    The bad guy are played by Danny DeVito and Zack Norman, named in the movie Ralph and Ira. That's right, Ira! How can a goy be named Ira? Alright, Ralph is under suspicion, and the two are cousins, so it's possible DeVito's character is half or something. Doesn't matter: Ira = Jew. Helps that Norman (real name Howard Zuker, best known for this movie but also a successfully Hollywood producer) is a Jew in real life as well.

    Ira also meets one of the greatest deaths in film history, in the mouth of a crocodile. What, we spoiled it for you?

    You mean, you've never watched Romancing the Stone?

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 7, 2015

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