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    Matthew Nathan

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    January 3, 1862 – April 18, 1939

    Astute readers might have noticed a recent effort on our website. We've been trying to color white spots on the map, profiling important Jews from countries not exactly known for their Hebrews. And while the dream of a Jew from every country is not exactly feasible (let's just say there is a large portion of the world that doesn't exactly look fondly upon us), we've recently profiled Jews from Norway and Panama, Algeria and Armenia...

    Unfortunately, there are still a lot of white spots left. Thankfully, we recently discovered a new category of international Jews: British colonial administrators!

    Basically, in the 19th and early 20th century, when the British empire spanned the globe, the crown needed some patsies to watch over its minions. So these men (some of them Jews) were sent from colony to colony to govern.

    Take the heavily mustached Matthew Nathan. A former soldier who spent time in Sudan and India, he governed Sierra Leone for a year. After that, it was off to the Gold Coast (that's modern Ghana) to oversee that for four years. From there, Nathan became Governor of Hong Kong, then Natal in South Africa, then Queensland in Australia. He even spent time as the Under-Secretary of Ireland, which was technically a British colony as well.

    A bunch of these countries we already had covered, but Nathan gets us to color in Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Hong Kong. What's more, his brother, the marvelously named Nathan Nathan, was a Supreme Court justice in Trinidad and Tobago...

    Can you feel the excitement?

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 18, 2015

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