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    February 2, 2012 —

    Every time a potentially Jewish sports star emerges, questions arise. Could they be?... As always, we're here to answer.

    First, the name: in this case, it doesn't exactly seem Jewish; far from it. Yet we have seen so many Jews hide behind ostensibly goyishe monikers.

    Then, the family: our sports star was raised by Jews. However, as we have seen in numerous other cases, that doesn't necessarily make them Jewish.

    Let's go there: our sports star is not circumcised. (Please don't ask how we know.) However, there are some uncircumcised Jewish males out there. (Please don't ask how we know!)

    So what are we to do? In cases like this, where it's not clear, we try to get a quote straight from the horse's mouth.

    Unfortunately, here that is not exactly possible, since our potentially Jewish sports star is... a horse.

    So what do we do here? Well, he is owned by Orthodox Jews. Barely a Jew, we guess...

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    June 10, 2015

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