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    Vladimir Pozner

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    April 1, 1934 —

    In the 1980s, as glasnost swept through the Soviet Union, its once-closed society decided to open its doors just a little bit. "Americans — not as evil as once thought!" became a common theme. For how can a country awash in blue jeans and bubble gum be so abhorrent?

    So the Soviets needed a face. Someone to show the west that the Russians are not just vodka-drinking, bear-wrestling rubes in fur hats. All right, that they are MORE than just rubes in fur hats.

    In came Vladimir Pozner. The French-born, American-raised journalist spoke perfect English. Heck, he was even Jewish! Who better to represent the new openness of mother Russia!

    So the Russians and Americans staged a number of spacebridges, open televised discussions between citizens on both sides. The Russian side was hosted by Pozner. The American, by Phil Donahue. The audiences interacted with each other, proving that they are not so different after all. Well, other than one side's lust for jeans and gum.

    Soon after, the Soviet Union fell, and there were jeans and gum for all. Pozner made his way to America, where he co-hosted a cable show with pal Donahue. Then, he returned to Russia.

    Now, those spacebridges are 30 years in the past, and tension between Russia and America is growing stronger by the minute. Perhaps Pozner can dust off that microphone... although it's probably not possible to resurrect Donahue.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    November 28, 2014

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