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    Fisher Stevens

    Jew Score:



    (Steven Fisher)
    November 27, 1963 —

    Maybe you can explain something to us.

    Remember 80s classic "Short Circuit"? Of course, you do, it starred the one and only Steve Guttenberg! The movie was about a robot who becomes sentient ("Johnny Five alive!"). It also starred Ally Sheedy and Fisher Stevens. Let's talk about Fisher Stevens.

    Guttenberg played the robot's inventor, Newton Crosby. (We understand that any movie that has Guttenberg playing a goyishe PhD stretches one's imagination, but we'll let it slide.) Stevens played his assistant, Ben Jabituya. He played him in BROWNFACE. With an Indian accent. Yes, someone thought that it was a good idea for a white Jew to play a dark-skinned Indian. This movie was made in 1986, not 1926. But this is not what we need explained.

    After the success of the movie, a sequel just had to be made. So 1988 gave us "Short Circuit 2". Guttenberg and Sheedy sat this one out (yes, somehow Guttenberg made a smart career choice), and Stevens took center stage. The sequel saw him and the robot hang out in New York City. Oh, his character was still in brownface and supposedly Indian... only was renamed to Ben Jahrvi.

    Why?... Why?!?!?!...

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 29, 2014

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