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    Aaron Kosminski

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    (Aron Mordke Kozminski)
    September 11, 1865 – March 24, 1919

    You might have heard: a 19th century English murder mystery was solved, and, no, they didn't finally figure out who tipped over Humpty Dumpty. Jack the Ripper, only the most notorious criminal of all time, now has a name. It's Aaron Kosminski. Feel free to scroll down to the verdict below. Yeah, we're not exactly too happy here.

    In case you missed it: a man got his hands on the shawl that belonged to one of the Ripper's victims. On the cloth there were traces of semen. Using a new method of DNA matching, they were traced to Kosminski. The hairdresser-turned-mental-patient was always one of the top suspects, and, yes, unfortunately, a Jew.

    So, case closed? Or... is it?

    Think about it. We're not here to disclaim DNA evidence, but what does it prove? That Kosminski was at the scene of one of the murders. That's all! Sure, the nature of his DNA doesn't exactly seem innocuous, but just because a clearly insane man has strange urges, doesn't necessarily make him a murderer. Sure, it's highly possible it was him, but we doubt this would stand up in the court of law.

    So, Aaron Kosminski: Jew. Jack the Ripper: still not clear.

    (Editor's update, October 19, 2014: The DNA evidence turned out to be bogus. Mystery remains!)

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    September 9, 2014

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