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    Dario Moreno

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    (David Arugete)
    April 3, 1921 – December 1, 1968

    For whatever reason, our website became popular in Turkey. Hello, Turks! We've never been, but we hear it's lovely.

    So maybe it's time that we profiled an actual Turkish Jew. After all, 100 years ago there were quite a few Jews living in what was then the Ottoman Empire.

    So how about Dario Moreno? Yes, his name doesn't seem exactly Jewish or Turkish, but that was just a pseudonym; he was really David Arugete. He started out in Izmir as a bar mitzvah performer, but somehow became a very popular entertainer, based in France.

    For a good two decades, Moreno delighted French audiences with his singing. He also acted in movies (often in "exotic" roles) and had a number collaborations with the one and only Brigitte Bardot. Moreno was best known for music in the Latin American style... which makes lots of sense for a Turkish Jew. Well, at least it explains his stage name.

    So we hope that satisfies you, Turkish visitors. Next time we're in the neighborhood, we'll be sure to drop by. Keep those kebabs warm and ready, please!

    Verdict: Jew.

    August 4, 2014

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