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    Henny Eman

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    (Jan Hendrik Albert Eman)
    March 20, 1948 —

    Let's say you're vacationing in Aruba, and you're bored of all the beaches and the water and the sun and the bikinis and you say to yourself, I'd like some culture! So you hop on a tour bus and ride around the island.

    "Who is that statue of?", you ask, as the bus takes you through the streets of Oranjestad. "Well, that's Henny Eman," the helpful tour guide answers. "The first Prime Minister of Aruba!" "Aruba has prime ministers?", you follow. "Of course we do! Since 1986!"

    As you ease back into your seat, the tour guide notices your somewhat Semitic complexion, and adds, "Henny Eman is Jewish!" "You don't say," you respond. "Aren't there a total of 100 Jews in all of Aruba?" "Only 85, actually. And Eman is one of them. And you know who is another? The current prime minister, Mike Eman! His brother!"

    As you think of a way to end the conversation, the tour guide continues. "Aruba's third prime minister was Jewish as well!" "Another Eman?" "No, the one and the same!" You nod, and bury your head in a book, blaming yourself for asking the question in the first place.

    And no, the above didn't happen to us. You actually think that if we ever were in Aruba, we'd ever get bored of the beaches and the water and the sun and the bikinis?


    Verdict: Jew.

    July 14, 2014

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