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    Andy Rubin

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    March 13, 1963 —

    Since some of us work with engineers, we're often privy to two never-ending discussion topics: Star Wars and cell phones.

    With Star Wars, everyone is in agreement. The discussion boils down to, great trilogy or greatest trilogy. It's not so easy with cell phones.

    Here the engineers divide into two equal-sized camps, one for Apple, the other for Android. And not a day goes by where one side doesn't try to out-debate the other.

    As for us, we do our best to stay out of it. (Although we'd have to side with Apple. Even though that Android was co-created by a Jew, Andy Rubin. Sorry, Andy.)

    Apparently, the debate rages beyond our workplace. For instance, we were recently at a park, where we overheard the conversation of two ten-year-olds.

    One liked Android because it was "more powerful". The other sided with Apple because he "grew up with iPhones".

    Here's where we shake our head and go on discussing Star Wars...

    Verdict: Jew.

    June 30, 2014

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