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    Dov Moran

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    July 29, 1955 —

    Back in the old days, if we wanted to copy large files between computers, we had to set up an array of floppy disks and use an archiving program. We had to memorize various command parameters to make sure the archive spans multiple disks. Then, we spent hours waiting for the data to move. That sucked.

    CDs came along, but they didn't exactly solve the problem. For one, they were not rewritable and cost you a small fortune, and that's not even accounting for the CD writer itself. That wasn't much better.

    But then... a breakthrough! USB drives, the brainchild of an Israeli, Dov Moran! For a small price, you can now have a portable drive to easily move files wherever you like! (As long as you figure out which way to stick the USB in.) That was a huge improvement.

    So now, if we need to copy large files between computers, we have an easy solution.

    We email them.

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 29, 2014

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