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    Iona Yakir

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    August 3, 1896 – June 11, 1937

    When we were 20 years old, we were trying to graduate college, figure out this girl thing, and not panic too much about an uncertain adult future.

    When Iona Yakir was 20 years old, he commanded an army.

    Yakir, the son of a Jewish pharmacist, quickly rose through the Bolshevik ranks during the Russian Revolution. By the time the Civil War hit, he led thousands into battle. Afterwards, he ascended to one of the highest military offices in the Soviet Union.

    When we were 40 years old... well, we're not 40 yet, but we imagine we'll be concerned about our growing children, our possibly dead end career, and yes, figuring out this woman thing.

    When Iona Yakir was 40 years old, he was arrested and murdered by Stalin's henchmen.

    So, overall, we're pretty happy with where things are at.

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 28, 2014

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