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    The Atom

    Jew Score:



    (Ray Palmer)

    For a medium written mostly by Jews, hippies, and agnostics, there sure are a lot of Christmas-themed comics.

    It's not like the medium really lends itself to a rollicking Santa story, either. Hey Wolverine! Santa needs these cookies cut up and pronto! No problem, bub! Snikt! *Cringe*.

    Is there a positive to this treacly tradition? Well, ordinarily when media forces some egg nog down our throats, they compensate by outing some random, previously unaffiliated, preferably super-ancilary, character as Jewish. So do comics at least give us that, bitter, consolation? Not so much.

    They had the Atom visit a Jewish friend once. That's about it.

    The Mighty Mite has been stuffed in bowling balls and lightbulbs, forced to live amongst a race of tiny Amazonian people, transformed into a teenager and been retconned into oblivion. But even the comics know that Ray Palmer, Jew, is simply too ridiculous to accept.

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    March 17, 2014

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