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    Gracie Gold

    Jew Score:



    August 17, 1995 —

    After seven years of running this website, our Jewdar is highly tuned. Take figure skater Gracie Gold, for instance.

    First of all, there is that name. In the seven years, we're profiled Jews named Goldberg, Goldblum, Goldenberg, Goldman, and Goldsmith (we must be leaving off a couple). So, if your last name has Gold in it, our Jewdar starts going off, for better and for worse. And Gracie's last name is all Gold.

    Second of all, both of Gracie's parents are in the medical profession. Say what you want about the Jewish doctor stereotype, it's one we like to own up to. So, our Jewdar got even louder.

    Third of all, Gracie was born in Newton. And for those who haven't been to that part of Massachusetts, it is, how should we say it... more Jewy than Israel. By this point, our Jewdar was blaring.

    Of course, with the Olympics coming up, we had to find it out. And this time, our Jewdar failed. Gracie's last name comes from a goyishe line, doctors or not. As for Newton, it turns out that not everyone from there is Jewish. Could have fooled us.

    So, yes, fool us it did. No, Gracie is not a Jew. We just hope we don't have to repair our Jewdar...

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    February 7, 2014

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